Wednesday, September 5, 2012

back again to say hello

I am not sure why, but I am having a hard time keeping up with blogging.... I need to find a balance with my screen time, which seems to be mainly fb or pinterest... and let me tell you pinterest I just cant seem to get enough of lately.  With the boys starting school next week, Im looking for lunch boxes, lunch ideas, reading, seasonal celebration ideas, crafts, you name it im looking and pinning!
Now, back to the starting of school.. I can not believe that Nico is going to be starting kinder!!!  My baby is leaving the nest! And I feel so lucky that he is flying into another mother birds nest! The boys school is called Sparrow. Nico's class is called Fairy Wren Forest.  Luca's class is called Sandpiper Shores. Both of which are lovely! I have stepped down as Luca's room mom this year and will be taking on the room mom roll in Nico's class! im so excited for he and Luca!  Luca is going in 2nd grade and he is looking forward to it. 2nd is a grade in which the child gets a sense of himself. Still in the child like ways, but becoming more aware of his own doings and such.  2nd was my favorite grade in elementary school.  At their school  from 1st to 3rd they will have the same teacher then 3rd to 6th the same teacher. Pretty amazing for a public (waldorf-inspired) charter school.
Im so proud of both of them!
As for daycare, we have all girls now.. this is quite the change from having all boys for SO long! We have three little girls who are just delicious. Grace and Abbey are the oldest (15 months) and our newest little member Madelyn who is just  6 months. The olders are very excited for the new baby!
Keep checking in for pictures! Ill have some up soon!

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